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Harnessing Urban Winds: Optimizing H-Darrieus Turbines with Advanced Aerofoil Designs

This study presents a detailed computational analysis of the performance of H-Darrieus Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs). Using the NACA0018 and S1046 aerofoil profiles, the paper examines the influence of blade angle and Tip Speed Ratio (TSR) on the turbine's efficiency. Through extensive simulations in ANSYS Fluent using the k-ω SST turbulence model, the study evaluates the aerodynamic performance of the turbines.

Key findings include the S1046 aerofoil's lower sensitivity to wind speed changes, making it superior for urban applications with variable wind speeds. The study models three-bladed VAWTs with a solidity of 0.1 and confirms that higher TSRs generally lead to improved aerodynamic performance, especially at lower blade pitch angles. Optimal performance was observed with the S1046 aerofoil at a -2-degree blade pitch angle and a TSR of 4.

This comprehensive research offers valuable insights into the design and optimization of VAWTs, particularly in urban settings, and contributes significantly to the field of renewable energy technology.

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