July 8, 2018

The study of drag reduction is considered as the most effective means of enhancing energy efficiency in marine application, aircraft and road transports. The drag reduction methods are classified into active and passive methods. Active methods require external energy s...

June 29, 2018

Ship maneuvering in restricted waterways often posses challenges to even well experienced ship operator under wind disturbances. Therefore, automation would be a great relief in such circumstances. As an intelligent controller, ANN has been found best for such MIMO (mu...

June 21, 2018

Diminishing ice presence in the Arctic provides the potential for extended operable period for oil and gas exploration in the Arctic. Floaters are a flexible solution for such scenario whereas they can fully take advantage of the extended drilling season as well as ope...

June 5, 2018

Cloaking has been a theoretical concept by many researchers in many field. However, most of the studies and experiments conducted have been focused for linear and controlled waves such as those in electromagnetic wave, light spectrum as well as temperature spectrum.


May 2, 2018

Hull vane is a patented fixed foil technology located below the stern of a ship, which is used for fuel saving and improved seakeeping. Hull Vane influences the stern wave pattern and creates hydrodynamic lift. This results in a reduction in of the ship’s resistance.


July 7, 2017

The concept of the barrel propeller, based on the article published by Campbell-Roddis (2016) is introduced through the use of CFD simulations . The aim is to provide a review into the potential utilization of the barrel propeller in the industry, by measurement of thr...

March 21, 2016

The growing interests of mankind towards offshore activities in order to colonize the ocean mostly for space, food and energy, with more innovative ideas and greater challenges than before are increasingly driving the research towards greater height.

Safe operation of o...

March 5, 2016

This work is done as a part of the project - 'Low-cost Decentralized Sanitary System for Treatment, Water and Resources Recovery (Phase 2 of RTC)'.


Objectives of the Project:

To provide a public toilet with a payment system capable to accommodate 50 users per day.

To ens...

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