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  • M A Hannan

Ventilation System Design for Odor Management

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

This work is done as a part of the project - 'Low-cost Decentralized Sanitary System for Treatment, Water and Resources Recovery (Phase 2 of RTC)'.

Objectives of the Project:

To provide a public toilet with a payment system capable to accommodate 50 users per day.

To ensure automation of feces transport without direct handling.

To manage odors via a system of vents and chimney.

The model of the low cost decentralized system

Computational fluid dynamics simulation for odor control:

Software applied: Star CCM+

Mesh Generation: Three dimensional mesh generation with base size 0.05 m

Meshing models: Prism Layer mesher, Surface Remesher, Trimmer

Solvers: Gas, Implicit Unsteady, Segregated Flow, K-Omega Turbulence

Inputs: Velocity inlets– Inlet 1 : 25.2 km/h, Inlet 2 & 3 both: 14.4 km/h, Outlets: Pressure outlets, Constant parameters: software default

Simulation Results are captured after 10 sec of reaching full phase. The air is circulating effectively inside the entire fluidndomain and venting through the chimney.

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