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Design of Breakwaters to Minimize Greenwater Loading on Bow Structures of Fixed Floating Vessels

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Greenwater (splashing of water on the deck) loading is a classical problem faced by the designer of ship-shaped vessels, which becomes even worst when the vessel operates at harsh weather conditions for an extended period. Installation of breakwaters on the deck can play a crucial role in minimizing this impact. However, research on the design and optimization of the breakwater is still at its infancy, and this study aims at shedding further light on this area by proposing and analyzing the effectiveness of three breakwater designs on a fixed box-shaped vessel. Commercial CFD software is used for this investigation.

Greenwater splashes behaviour at various time instances for three breakwater designs.
Greenwater splashes behaviour at various time instances for three breakwater designs.

However, the design model (without breakwater) was validated at first against experimental results of green water splashing, before performing the actual simulations with proposed breakwater design. A vertical plate is used as the deck structure, and greenwater pressure at several locations on that plate is measured to compare the effectiveness of various breakwater designs. Overall, breakwaters with openings (perforations, grillages etc.) found to be more effective in minimizing the pressure generated by the greenwater. Nevertheless, there are significant rooms for improvement on breakwater designs, and some topics for further research are also suggested in this regard.

Box ship model developed for this study: (a) no breakwaters; (b) windshield breakwater; (c) horizontal grillage breakwater; (d) perforated breakwater.

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